Save Food From the Fridge_by Jihyun Ryou

Are you also one of those people that just can't make friends with refrigerators?
When I design kitchens, fridges seem to cause the biggest trouble. They are always so big and hard to incorporate.
The sound of it in my own kitchen and its looks are just something I cannot learn how to live with. And since my kitchen is quite small, I for sure could use the space it takes for other (more useful) things.

Designer uses sand to vertically store vegetables
When it comes to usage...well I can't really say I need it all that much (for sure I don't need one as big as mine). It uses a lot of energy for no good reason.  Since I am a vegetarian, I use mostly fresh ingredients...and the vegetables taken out of the refrigerator most of the time don't taste as good. Plus, preserving without refrigeration existed for centuries anyway. I even remember making special underground "storages" for potatoes and apples in the backyard with my family (I am originally born and raised in a village in Croatia).

Now, I am well aware of the fact that fridges are convenient  and I am not that "alternative" to just totally get rid of my fridge, but I would love to make little steps towards minimalizing the usage of it.

That is why, I was extremely happy to find an article about the Korean designer Jihyun Ryouwho incorporates tradition with sustainability and design. She "observes" the food and learns the techniques that worked for centuries, and then uses the knowledge to design shelves with containers that apart from looking great prolong the life of our food. She "teaches" us how to respect the food and "keep an eye" on it...plus it sure is a great looking visual element in your living space.

Here are some of her great ideas:

Symbiosis of Potato and Apple

and a TED presentation of the project by the designer:

MAke sure you check the share your knowledge secton on her website for useful tips on how to store your foods without using high-tech solutions.

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