Merge Invisible: Forget-me-not_by Ipek Türkoglu and Richárd Orosz

I started writing this post about a month ago about this super interesting project that 2 acquaintance of mine were working on, designer Ipek Türkoglu (www.balkan-tango.com/) and street artist Richárd Orosz (1000%).

The project is situated in 8th district in Budapest, where many buildings are being demolished. The artists wanted us to keep remembering these buildings, their residents and the histories behind the walls of the disappearing houses. They paid homage to the demolished building by painting its outline and the simplified layouts and furnishings of the old building on the firewalls of the neigbouring buildings. They did research on the demolished building and talked to its the residents and their neighbors and tried to somehow represent personal memories in their artwork.
I find it very interesting, and if you ever get a chance to visit Budapest, here is where you can check it out: Budapest VIII, Kisfaludy u. 14
For more photos, click here!
And, as I already wrote, I started writing this post somewhere in October (lazy me) just when they finished it.....but there is a good side to my procrastination.....they had enough time to make a very cool video about making of the whole project. So, here you go:

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